Drop in profits?            Lacklustre ads, no leads?


You need ktext.nl

 Creating texts to catch customers' attention and increase sales.


KILLER TEXT Your product or service may be the best around. Unless that is brought to the attention of your target market it will never fulfill its potential.

Google translate service is adequate for a rough guide but when it comes to that professional finish? As the English expression goes, 'it doesn't cut the mustard'

You want your target customers to be impressed. Sold. Itching to get hold of what you're offering. No nonsense, confusion or ambiguity.

 By using eye-catching, customized copy for your advertisements, website, emails and promotional material your customers will quickly realise the advantages that your product or service offers them.

 The result? Increased revenue for you!


ktext.nl  Dynamic dialogue and texts to boost your profit margins.

Irresistible Ideas  -  Sexy Sentences  -  Wild Words Freaky Phrases  -  Stylish Syntax  -  Elegant Eloquence  -  Dramatic Dialogue

 What do you need?

 Concept and Copy

  • Creative campaigns
  • Corporate storytelling

 Translation and Editing

  • Translation Dutch - English
  • Proofreading / editing of texts
  • Something else?

Marketing and Sales

  • Sales letter
  • Mailshot / flyer
  • Text for website (SEO)
  • Text for advert
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures / leaflets
  • Whitepapers / cases
  • Call scripts
  • Voice-over scripts (radio, film, tv or cartoon)
  • Corporate communication and correspondence
  • C.V.

Slechte tekst?            Geen leads, geen winst?


Laat ktext.nl uw Engelse tekst schrijven.

Om de aandacht van uw klanten te krijgen. En uw omzet te verhogen!


KILLER TEXT Natuurlijk is uw product of dienst het allerbeste. Uniek op de markt. Maar is uw doelgroep daar ook van op de hoogte? En geloven ze u?

U zult uw doelgroep moeten verleiden. Of dat nu consumenten zijn of business to business-klanten. Daar is goede tekst voor nodig. In het Nederlands én in het Engels. Iedereen kan vertalen met Google Translate Service. Maar dat levert geen professionele tekst op. En al helemaal geen ‘killer text’ die u helpt uw product te verkopen.

Met onderscheidende en op maat gemaakte copy voor uw advertenties, website, e-mails en promotiemateriaal kunt u uw product of dienst niet alleen snel onder de aandacht brengen bij uw klanten, maar hen ook overtuigen van de voordelen.

Het resultaat? Meer aanvragen en een hogere omzet!

ktext.nl Dynamische dialoog en tekst om uw winstmarges te verhogen

Onweerstaanbare ideeën - Sexy zinnen  -  Wilde woorden  -  Regelrechte retoriek  -  Knalharde klasse  -  Stijlvolle syntaxis  -  Eloquente elegantie  -  Dramatische dialogen

Concept & Copy:

  • Creatieve campagnes
  • Corporate storytelling

Vertaling & Tekstredactie:

  • Vertaling Nederlands-Engels
  • Corrector/ Proeflezer van tekst
  • Iets anders?

Marketing & Sales

  • Verkoopbrieven
  • Advertenties
  • Mailshots
  • Nieuwsbrieven
  • Tekst voor websites (SEO)
  • Brochures / leaflets
  • Whitepapers / cases
  • Belscripts
  • Voice overs scripts (radio, tv, film of animatie)
  • Correspondentie
  • CV’s


Paula's CV- “For Linkedin I required a professional profile in English. I wanted it to have just as much impact as my Dutch CV. Ktext helped me do much more than just dot the i's and cross the t's. One example is the Dutch expression “schaap met vijf poten”. I'd googled it and it actually made no sense whatsoever in English! It was a great learning experience and the fininshed product was exactly what I needed – eyecatching, unique and irresistible...to be highly recommended.”
Paula Tuinenbreijer
Paula Tuinenbreijer
Recruitment Consultant


Rene's promotional letters and website ideas- “My aim was to attract English graphic designers to take part in a new project. Ktext translated my introductory and promotional letters and provided new possible website names and ideas.”
René Jongen
René Jongen
Director of Pantheon Drukkers


Saskia's corporate texts, translations and concepts- “I was stalling with the organisation of a brainstorming session for an American Tool company looking to expand to Europe. Ktext provided key concepts in English around which to base the session. The inspirational additions kept the momentum and it was a great success. Ktext has also translated many marketing texts from Dutch to English for my clients, always on schedule and easy to work with.”
Saskia van der Meij
Saskia van der Meij
SixtySeven Marketing

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